Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Grayson Prewett’s Story


Grayson Prewett was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma in October 2018 when he was just 7 years old.  The summer of 2018 Grayson started having horrible headaches that were so painful that the only relief he got was when he threw up.  The headaches were rare and it was the middle of the hot Texas summer, so Grayson’s doctor initially thought the heat was causing the headaches.  Once school started, his family noticed that he was struggling with his balance.  He could not walk in a straight line and could not get on his bike without falling.  His parents, Adam and Susan, took him to the pediatrician and he immediately scheduled an appointment with a neurologist the following morning.  Once at the neurologist, they took one look at Grayson and immediately sent them to the Children’s ER.  A CT scan revealed a mass in his brain and 3 days later he was having brain surgery to remove the tumor. 

Grayson’s diagnosis changed so much of everyday life for the Prewett family within that first year.  After surgery, Grayson woke up and could not do the most basic functions.  He had Posterior Fossa Syndrome, which some kids wake up with after surgery due to the location of the tumor.  He had to relearn how to use his arms and legs, sit up, walk, talk, swallow, everything.  At the time, the doctors could not guarantee that he would be able to do all those things again.  With a lot of therapy, Grayson slowly began to relearn everything while going through treatment. 

It was hard to juggle hospital stays and making sure his sister, Emerson, was getting the love and attention that she needed.  The Prewetts are thankful to have an amazing group of family and friends that stepped in to help without even being asked.  Before Grayson’s diagnosis, they were constantly on the move going from one thing to the next – from school to after school activities, to weekends filled with sports and birthday parties.  Grayson’s diagnosis forced them to slow down life and to appreciate everything around them. 

Grayson’s aggressive treatment included 30 rounds of radiation to his brain and spine, and 7 cycles of chemotherapy.  The radiation treatments were 5 days a week for 6 weeks, and he was under anesthesia for every single one.  But throughout his treatment and many hospital stays, Grayson never complained.  In the hospital he was happy to be playing video games or making crafts in the playrooms.  Back home, he wanted to be a “normal kid.”  He wanted to ride his bike, play with his sister and friends, play baseball, and go to birthday parties. 

Childhood cancer does not end when the treatment ends.  Grayson still has follow up MRIs every three months.  The treatments kids endure are harsh and have life long side effects. 

Grayson and his family attended the 2019 Kidd’s Kids trip.  He had just finished treatment a couple months prior and was due for an MRI after the trip.  Grayson and his sister got to experience so many rides at the park, meet all the characters they wanted to meet, and eat an unlimited amount of sweets while there! 

Susan Prewett told us: “Grayson thought it was the coolest thing to ride Splash Mountain with J-Si!  Seeing the kids with smiles on their faces the entire time and be so carefree was priceless.  The trip allowed us to create happy memories without any worries because of the amazing medical team that is on the trip.  We are forever grateful for Kidd’s Kids and the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for giving us this opportunity.”  

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